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Vietnamese Language and Culture Club (VLC) is one among few Vietnamese clubs in Hanoi and in Vietnam. VLC, as its name suggests, is the place where Vietnamese learners and foreigners can meet, practice the Vietnamese language, exchange experiences in learning Vietnamese as well as discover the Hanoi culture and Vietnam culture. Members of VLC can take part in various activities, all helpful and interesting, without any fee!

Who can be members of VLC?

- International students who are attending VTG’s courses

- Vietnamese learners of all level (not necessary to be students of VTG)

- Foreigners who are interested in Hanoi and Vietnam culture

If I am one of them, why should I choose VLC?

If you want to improve your Vietnamese, VLC is a great idea. U can practice Vietnamese and take progress through various activities:

- Talking with Vietnamese native teachers

- Playing language games

- Asking and sharing experiences in learning Vietnamese with others in a friendly atmosphere

If you want to understand more about Vietnam culture but you don’t know Vietnamese, still, VLC is a great idea. Here you can:

- Get to know Hanoi and Vietnam culture through small presentations (in English) delivered by VTG’s teachers

- Enjoy Vietnamese folksongs and try your singing with the Karaoke system

- Enjoy Vietnamese traditional food

- Share understanding about different culture with other members from different countries

How to register?

Easy and simple! You can do one of these:

-  Send an email to

-  Send a letter to our office: 21/232 Ton Duc Thang Street, Hanoi

-  Call us at 0972369842

And make sure you give us:

Your name

Your birthday

Your address in Vietnam

Your email address (if you have)

Your phone (if you have)

After you register successfully, we will contact you to inform about the time and place of the get-togethers.

See you at our club!

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