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{VTG NEWSLETTER} February, 2009

 After a month Tet holiday with your friends and family, a warm early morning of the Valentine day is coming. The sweet melody of the Valentine song is still resounding faintly outside the window. Do you know why we call “the heart” “ Trai tim”??? “ Trai’” means “fruit”, “ Trai’ tim” means not only “fructification, productivity…” but also “ to be born, to be brought up, to love and to be loved…” However the true happiness of your heart is always the achievements resulting from your hard working days. Vietnamese Teaching Group still helps you record the great achievements. Go with us!

         I know that on this month you have already started for working and learning, but the Lunar January and February is also considered the month of living in a debauched life in Viet Nam. To help you do both learning and relaxing, VTG will bring you a new course of learning Vietnamese “Taking part in Vietnamese festivals by learning Vietnamese”.

 What can you get from this course?

-         Approach the professional, experienced and enthusiastic staffs

-         Have many chances to know more about Vietnamese festivals

-         Learn Vietnamese in many relaxing moments.

-         Be able to participate in some famous festivals such as “ Hội Lim”in Bắc Ninh, “Đền Hùng” in Phú Thọ,“Chùa Hương” in Hà Tây ,”Choi Trâu” in Hải Phòng,"Xến Xó Phốn"in Tây Bắc... 

By registering this course you can find that learning Vietnamese is so easy. We have numerous programs to suit the needs of our students - from the short-term “Taking part in Vietnamese festivals by learning Vietnamese” course to the more formal beginner level to advanced level classes.

Prizes for the best students of the month

    After “Taking part in Vietnamese festivals by learning Vietnamese” course, you can write a report about the Vietnamese festival that you are deeply impressed. VTG will choose the best report and award a scholarship. This month, VTG had also the pleasure of choosing the Best Students of the previous month. By unanimous votation, the Best students for the month are: John Philip Cima and Jiri Kubis. Our best students will each get one free Vietnamese language lesson which they can claim anytime, courtesy of our Language Training Department.

Are you linguistically challenged?

 Ever got stuck with a legal document written in Vietnamese which you couldn’t understand? Or how about that fashion-focused article in a Vietnamese magazine that you needed to understand so you can complete    your report? You don’t need to look far. Our VTG Translation Services unit provides you with the necessary help you need. Whether your document is in English, Mandarin Chinese, French or Italian, we can translate it for you within a given set period and with no or minimum hassle. Just call Ms. Mai at 0972369842 to schedule an appointment.


VT Group

P.S:  We are sorry for any inconvenience. If you don't wish to receive future newsletter from VTGroup , please reply to this email with "Do not receive newsletter" in the subject of the email. Thank you!


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