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  • VTG JSC is a leading dynamic provider of education, translation and assistance services located in Hanoi. Established in 2003, our company VTG JSC has a 3 year experience of working with international clients to develop high quality and cost-effective solutions to their Vietnamese training & translating requirements.


  • To bring Vietnam closer to the world.


  • To help our students achieve their personal, professional and academic language objectives.
  • To make Hanoi becomes your home.


  • Customer focus: We treat the business of our customers with the same urgency, the same attention to detail and the same sense of responsibility that we would our own.
  • Reliability: We work hard to meet our customers’ requirement, to get customers’ satisfaction and trust, because we consider prestige our target.
  • Friendliness: We have a team of young people who are the most energetic and who know best about the local. We believe that our staff can be your best friends during the time you have in Vietnam.


  • VTG’s experienced, professional instructors provide specialized courses designed to help students achieve their specific language goals. Our instructors are highly trained native speakers who use confidence building methodologies that optimize language acquisition. Our staff will work with you to find or design the course that best meets your needs, be it a group class or one-on-one training.
  • Do not hesitate to Contact Us! We will MAKE HANOI YOUR HOME
  • Career Opportunities  ( 1 item )


    VTG - Vietnamese Teaching Group
    Officially set up in June, 2004 VTG provide foreigners with an accurate and modern Vietnamese
    and other services such as accommodation, cycle rent, learning equipment to help them adjust to life in Hanoi



    Seeking for

    @05 Vietnamese Teachers

    @02 MC for Vietnamese Language and Culture Club

    @05 Marketing workers

    - English fluency

    -Enthusiasm and strong sense of responsibility

    -Activeness and good sense of humor

    - Knowledge of Vietnamese culture and language

    Good skill at presentation will be an advantage

    CV and letter of interest to job-hut@vietnameseteaching.com

    Contact: Mike Dao 0972369842

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