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Office: No 164 Le Thanh Nghi Str., Hanoi



Mobile : 0972 369 842 (Ms Mai)

{VTG NEWSLETTER} March, 2009


 Walking around the old streets in Hanoi on this reason, I have been surprised by the beauty of the flower appearing along the streets. That seems to be the beauty of a girl…graceful, pure, innocent, sweet…but seems to be forgotten on this own streets as its name“ Hoa Sưa”. Is that the reason of its full bloom on the only month having the Women day?

Phố có Hoa Sưa

    The hardworking days sometimes make us pass over quickly the natural beauty. To make this month warmer and more cheerful, Vietnamese Teaching Group is still not only giving many new courses for learners but also holding many outdoor activities for all of us, especially the “Delicious Vietnamese traditional dishes” at the final week of this month. The available special Vietnamese dishes will help you get deeper understanding of the tradition and culture of Vietnam.

 Besides holding the “Delicious Vietnamese traditional dishes”, Vietnamese Teaching Group is still keeping the “Taking part in Vietnamese festivals by learning Vietnamese” course for the more formal beginner level to advanced level classes continuing to last month.

What is special for the course of Vietnamese Teaching on this month?

+) This month, we continue our free trial lessons for the new students

+) Learning Vietnamese while having “Delicious Vietnamese traditional dishes” and understanding the Vietnamese culture in many relaxing moments

+) Every new learner who wants will be learnt by numerous Vietnamese Teachers to exchange the ways of pronunciation, speaking and communication…

+) Lessons conducted at a convenient location near your home, office or favorite café in “a fun learning environment” and flexible study times - no pressure, no hassle to finish on schedule

   VTG had also the pleasure of choosing the Best Students of the previous month. By unanimous votation, the Best students for the month are John Philip Cima and Jiri Kubis. Our best students will each get one free Vietnamese language lesson which they can claim anytime, courtesy of our Language Training Department.

   We have numerous programs to suit the needs of our students - from the short-term “Survival Vietnamese” courses to the more formal beginner level to advanced level classes. And the best part is not only do you learn the basics of the Vietnamese language but also have the opportunity to learn more about Vietnam’s interesting history and culture.

Are you linguistically challenged?

  Ever got stuck with a legal document written in Vietnamese which you couldn’t understand? Or how about that fashion-focused article in a Vietnamese magazine that you needed to understand so you can complete your report? You don’t need to look far. Our VTG Translation Services unit provides you with the necessary help you need. Whether your document is in English, Mandarin Chinese, French or Italian, we can translate it for you within a given set period and with no or minimum hassle. Just call Ms. Mai at 0972.369.842 to schedule an appointment.

 Translation Services

For 2009, we are proud to announce that we have strengthened our "Translation and Interpretation Services" services to meet the growing needs of our clients. Over the past year, we have seen the demand and growth for our Translation and Interpretation Services. Therefore, we are responding to these clamor from our clients by presenting to you our newly expanded services.

  • English / Vietnamese/ Chinese/ French/ German translation
  • Various types of documents: Technical documents, Computer and training manuals, Financial statements, Business documents, Legal contracts and Agreement, Administrative documents, Web Content, etc.
  • Conferences, business meetings, depositions, court hearings, guided tours,                    presentations, lectures, voice-over, phone, etc.

 Please contact Ms. Mai at to know more about this service, or visit our website at for more details.

VT Group

P.S:  We are sorry for any inconvenience. If you don't wish to receive future newsletter from VTGroup , please reply to this email with "Do not receive newsletter" in the subject of the email.Thank you !!

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